Vendredi 6 Mai – Assemblée générale/General Assembly

You are cordially invited to the general assembly to proceed with the elections of the executive committee of the CBS-QCSC, and during which you will be able to submit your applications as well. There are available positions and call for nominates. You can present your application during the general assembly, or submit it in advance.

Thank you, we are looking forward to seeing you at the general assembly!

The proposed executive committee of the CBS-QCSC 2016-2017
President: Vanessa Montaño-Machado
Vice-President: Daniele Pezzoli
Secretary: Francesco Copes
Treasurer: Jifu Mao
Communication Manager: Stéphanie Vanslambrouck
Event Manager: Dimitria Camasao
Website Administrator: Caroline Loy

Faculty Advisor: Gaétan Laroche

2016 05 06 Journée Annuelle Affiche (002)



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